Bockrath Rug Studio in Dayton OH
Any size, any shape, any style! Allow our team to create the perfect area rug for your interior or exterior.
The Rug Studio Exterior at Bockrath Flooring & Rugs in Dayton, OH

About our rug studio

Not only are we the premier retail store to shop for all your flooring needs, we now offer our Rug Studio, which is located right on site. This concept began in 2014, by owner Doug Bockrath. He wanted a unique service for his clients that offered creativity to rug purchasing. Inspired by open concept floor plans, with not all rooms standard sized, that programmed or stocked size rugs offer. Our custom rug concept allows buyers to choose from any carpet sample in our showroom, at the size, shape, and style that fits their needs. Our sales consultant will customize to fit their specific room size specifications. Our rug artisans cut and bind to finish the rug for your room.

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Whether you have a family heirloom rug in need of repair or have an idea for a custom-designed rug, we can create any size, dimension, or pattern—which means for you, the sky is the limit. If you have an idea or pattern that needs to be developed or rug in need of repair, please click below to submit your inquiry.

We look forward to meeting you and creating a unique one of a kind rug for your space!

Doug Bockrath
Endless Possibilities at the Bockrath Rug Studio
Let our experts make you the perfect rug! Any size. Any shape. Any style.

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Types of Binding

Hand Binding
Hand binding
Polyester Serge
Polyester Serge
Hand Serge by Machine Binding
Hand Serge by machine
Cotton Serge by Machine
Cotton serge by machine
Cotton Machine Binding
cotton machine binding
Polyester Machine Binding
polyester machine binding
Leather, Cotten or Faux Leather Top Sew
Leather, Cotton or Faux Leather Top Sew (up to 7 inches)