The Story in Your Oriental Rug

Looking at an oriental rug can be a lot like looking into the clouds. Your mind can take over, and you begin to see different things the harder and longer you look. As your mind wondered did you ever imagine a story being told through your rug? This is actually how the Oriental rug began, it was a way for families and tribes in ancient times to document and tell their stories.

According to some scientific evidence the craft of rug making dates back to 500 B.C. The design in rugs often varied based on the geographic location of the family or tribe. Some rug designs showcased animals, floral designs, or symbols and shapes. No matter the content in the rug, meaning always took over, making each rug unique.

The Meaning of Different Animals
Bats- Happiness
Duck- Faithful Marriage
Elephant- Power
Tarantula- Prevents Bad Luck
Peacock- Divine Protection

The Meaning of Different Colors
Red- Happiness and Joy
Orange- Devotion
Yellow- Power and Glory
Blue- Truth and Solitude
Black- Destruction
White- Purity, Peace, sometimes Greif

Consider the story being told the next time you come across an oriental rug. These days we shop based on our personal style and trends, but that doesnt mean we cant appreciate the stories that were told before us!