Selecting the Right Rug Size for Your Living Room

Why buy a rug? For comfort, cushion, to create a more welcoming feel to your space, maybe it is the artwork for the room or to help define different spaces? There are many reasons to enjoy a rug. Recently hard surface flooring is the majority of recent new flooring choices for many homeowners because of this we have the increased need for an area rug.

As the search begins and there are so many decisions that go with finding your perfect rug. One of the questions asked most is “What size rug do I need?”

Here are some tips when you are looking for that perfect fit.

Living Room Rugs

Before you begin measure your SEATING area, not just the room itself. A rug is one of the best ways to anchor a room, particularly if you are working with a very open floor plan that needs something to visually define and separate each space.

Your sofa’s scale and placement plays a large role in what size rug you will need. Is your sofa against a wall? Is it floating in the room? What is the general shape of the sofa?

If your sofa is against the wall you can begin with that as your initial anchor. A big mistake many buyers make is buying too small of a rug, when in doubt go bigger. If your sofa is floating in the room a rug is the perfect opportunity to give your room that much need defined conversation area.

A couple tips for living rooms:

Buy a rug that can either hold all of your seating area’s furniture or none.

Keep your rug a minimum of 6” off the wall and no more than 24”

Make sure your rug comes 10” out from either end of the sofa at the very least the rug goes beyond the sofa

So furniture legs on or off? While it’s ideal for all legs to be ON the rug but if that is not possible then ALL legs should be off, be consistent and intentional. If you have some on, some off, it breaks up the conversation area that you are trying to create.

Look for our next post to read part two, selecting the right size rug: how to approach rugs for your bedroom and dining room.