How To Choose An Area Rug

How To Choose An Area Rug

When buying an area rug there are many options to choose from. Lots of different sizes, shapes, and styles and many factors to think about. The great thing about area rugs is that they can easily be changed anytime and it helps preserve the floor you put them on. A rug alone can even change the whole look and feel of a room. A very simple way to mix things up in your space. It’s like artwork but for your floor! We recommend finding a good rug that will last with a look that you love.

Where is it going?

Before even beginning to shop for a rug, think about a few things first. Where is the rug going? How big is the space? What style are you going for? What kind of furniture do you have? There are a few choices when it comes to how furniture can work with a rug. The most common options are, the rug sitting in front of the furniture, the furniture being anchored on the rug, or the furniture completely sitting on top of the rug. Choosing the best arrangement for you is going to depend on what kind of furniture you are working with and what kind of room. Here are a few tips. For a living room, the rug should pull the space together into one spot in a nice way. For a dining room, it’s good to make sure chairs can be pulled out and still stay on the rug. 18-24 inches is the recommended amount of space to leave on all sides. The rug should fit your room, not the table. For a bedroom, you should be able to stand up next to the bed and still be on the rug. A least 18 inches is recommended and should provide enough room next to the bed. Different people will prefer different styles so have fun with it.

Visit a Store

The best way to look for a rug is to go into a flooring store and look at what they offer. Shopping for a rug in person is always preferred rather than shopping online. When looking at a rug in person you can see how different lighting affects it, how the true color of the dyes looks, and importantly how it feels. The rug's texture can be soft and thin or solid and thick. Maybe you want something more in the middle? Rugs are made in many different materials affecting the way they feel. The two main categories are natural and synthetic materials. Natural fibers are typically used in handmade rugs. These are materials like wool or cotton. Natural fibers are usually durable and of higher quality. As you could guess, synthetic fibers are made by machine. A device called a power loom is used to make these kinds of rugs. The nice thing about synthetic is they are more easily customizable. Synthetic rugs are typically made with nylon or polyester but can be made with other materials. Depending on the kind of furniture that could possibly go on the rug you might want to consider the rug’s pile. The pile is the density of the rug fibers and length. A short pile will work best for high-traffic areas of a house while a long pile will feel softer and offer a lavish look. Long piles work better for places like bedrooms or a family room. Think about what will be placed on the rug. If it's a heavy piece of furniture, long piles are more likely to be crushed and could leave a mark.

Choose a Style

Even if a store doesn’t have something you want to take home, it’s good to get an idea of what style you are looking for. There are a few main categories of style rugs can fall into. That being Contemporary, Oriental/Traditional, or Transitional. A Contemporary rug will generally have a modern look being more crisp and clean with bold colors. Sometimes using geometric patterns or other elements that aren’t normally found in rugs. There may not be any pattern at all in a Modern rug. Some Modern rugs look like watercolor paintings. Oriental/Traditional rugs will have your more classic patterns. These patterns will sometimes include floral-looking designs, and the use of borders, and typically include lots of detail. A Traditional rug can be symbolic of the region or country it is produced using specific patterns relating to that region. Some design elements and patterns have been passed down through generations. Transitional rugs will fall somewhere in between different styles. They contain elements of a more muted traditional-looking pattern with colors overlapping it, washing it out. The combo almost looks like two patterns stacked on top of each other in some cases.

Find Inspiration

Try to find something that fits you and your style and go from there. Consider pattern, color, and design. If you have a color you want to make stand out in your home, see if it’s possible to get a rug with the same or similar color to pull it out. Think about other things that could affect the room like lighting from windows. It’s always good to find inspiration from other sources as well. Places like Pinterest and Instagram are a good start. Apartment Therapy is a great website that provides all types of different styles of decor and current popular color pallets. There is even an option to select a specific type of room. Their website is linked below. Have fun and enjoy the process!

The Rug Studio

If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, in the Bockrath Rug Studio we can fabricate any size, any shape, and any style of rug. At Bockrath Rug Studio, we're passionate about enhancing your living environment with the exquisite beauty of handcrafted rugs. Any carpet or rug off our showroom can be manipulated into the perfect size and shape for your space.

Each rug is a testament to the skill and artistry of our rug studio artisans, utilizing premium materials to ensure durability and longevity of your rug. The possibilities are endless!

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