Creating the Cozy Element

We all can agree, during an Ohio winter there isn’t anything better then being warm and cozy! There are many elements that can add to the “cozy effect” in your home, but one element is truly a game changer- your rug! Rugs bring a visual comfort and warmth to spaces while balancing and completing a design.

The photo above is an inviting well designed space, inviting tones and a clean casual look. In rooms, such as the dining room, the space is designed with hard surfaces. By adding soft elements like window treatments and an area rug the space suddenly isn’t as harsh and cold. It becomes a complete design, balanced in texture. Imagine the beautiful colors and rich textures that could be in a rug for this dining room.

Enjoy the beautiful elements of your home no matter the season. What a cold space this would become in an Ohio winter if we removed the rug! The gorgeous view and architecture of the windows are a focal point of the room, but would create a cold space to gather if not for the area rug.

Think about the possibilities in your home, is there a space you love but something holds you back from curling up with a good book? Maybe you need some extra accents to warm it up and create that space you’ve always craved! Design your space and find the perfect rug to create the cozy element with our Custom Rug Studio!