At Bockrath Flooring & Rugs, many parents walk through our carpet store in Dayton, Ohio and ask the same question: What's the best flooring for my child's room? Whether it's a nursery for a newborn, toddler, or older child's room, there are indeed several surfacing options that would be perfectly fine for that space. Having said that, there is one surfacing material that does, in fact, stand out as being softer, safer, and more inviting than other choices. Did you guess carpeting from our description? If you did, you're correct! At our Dayton, OH showroom, our on-site experts think the following key features may point you in the direction of a carpet installation for your home redesign.

Ample Cushioning
When you drop by our carpet stores in Dayton, OH to research your upcoming carpet installation, you'll be floored by how much extra cushioning you can add to a baby's room. Of course, from a carpet installation point of view, it's essential to add appropriate padding to increase cushioning underfoot, and minimize material damage. In fact, it's that padding that creates the ideal surfacing, one that is comfortable and soft, perfect for playing children and crawling babies. And, without a doubt, it's always helpful to have a pillow-like carpet installation to absorb the many little tumbles that kids end up having.

Slip Resistant
Soft surfacing is ideal for toddlers who are learning how to walk. Due to its minimizing effect on slipping and tripping, it creates a safe environment. In fact, in most long-term care facilities, soft surfacing is seen as the best alternative among flooring options.

Welcoming Ambiance
If you're in search of a material that recreates a space that's cozy and inviting, look no further than your nearest carpet stores in Dayton. Hardwood planks can indeed set a pleasing atmosphere that is relaxing and tranquil, but there are some homeowners out there that would disagree. In essence, we're talking about preference; which one will give you the ambiance you desire for a child's room? Despite this, you can't deny that lush pile and soft fibers present an atmosphere like no other, an element that transforms a plain, ordinary room into a soothing sanctuary for your baby.