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Laying an Area Rug Over Carpeting: 3 Reasons Why it's Not as Crazy as It Sounds

It seems a bit silly, at first blush, but the idea of laying down a rug over a carpet isn't as ridiculous as you might think. From a design perspective, the benefits are fairly apparent. You can use area rugs to break up a large room into "zones" and create an atmosphere of coziness where it would otherwise be impossible without the side effect of visually cluttering the space. It's also a great way to add depth to your aesthetic by introducing complimentary colors and even shapes to a room that is a little too bland.

Aside from those obvious aesthetic reasons, there are some more practical reasons why a person might consider laying down a rug over their carpeting. Here are just a few of the reasons to try an area rug on your carpeting that most Dayton, Ohio carpet stores would rather you didn't know about.

You Aren't Allowed to Change the Carpeting

One of the drawbacks to renting a home or apartment, is that you don't really get a say in what type of carpeting you have. If you are the type of person who appreciates elegant interior design, this can be a pretty frustrating hurdle to overcome, while establishing the aesthetic of your living space. Throwing down a well-chosen area rug is like a cheat code to help you overcome the aesthetic challenges imposed on you by your landlord.

You Can't Afford to Change the Carpeting

If you find yourself looking longingly into the window displays of carpeting stores in Dayton, Ohio, but can't afford to take the plunge of springing for a full carpet installation, an area rug might be just what you need to beat the bad carpet blues. An area rug is an affordable way to change the aesthetic of your current flooring, without breaking the bank with a full carpeting renovation.

You Have Easily Covered Wear Spots or Stains

Over time, most carpets will experience areas of increased wear, and pick up a stain or two here and there. As annoying as that can be, it's often not enough to justify a full replacement of your carpeting. That's where rugs are your best friend! An area rug is the perfect way to cover up worn or stained areas of your carpet, without having to rip it all out and reinstall it.

Bockrath Flooring & Rugs Is Dayton, Ohio's Leading Area Rug Experts

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