cork flooring

Have You Considered Cork Flooring?

If you have never considered the possibility of having cork flooring installed in your home, maybe now is the perfect time to think about that. It’s a flooring material that has been on the market for quite some time already, but only recently has made big strides as a type of floor covering that is also considered a renewable resource. In creating this particular flooring, trees are never actually cut down. Rather, the bark is harvested periodically from cork oak trees, leaving them to live and grow on for many years to come.

Bockrath Flooring is a family owned business that not only takes pride in the service we provide, but the experience you receive as one of our valued customers. That’s why we’ll always go the extra mile to make sure you get the perfect flooring for your home. Meeting your needs with a great floor covering is our signature move, and we’ll be happy to explain how when you stop by our showroom in Dayton, Ohio.

Reasons to Choose Cork Flooring

One of the things you might just love most about cork flooring is the cushiony soft underfoot feel it provides. Just one step onto this amazing material, and you’ll quickly realize why more homeowners are turning to this floor covering for their own homes. Not quite wood and definitely not vinyl, you might be left wondering why you hadn’t heard of this product much sooner.

In addition to feeling great under your feet, it can also work to help insulate your home from both weather and noise. The tiny pockets of air found throughout the entirety of this flooring, manages to reduce noise levels, especially between floors, and makes a great addition to busy homes with lots of rambunctious children or adults. Better still, it can actually put money back in your pockets when it’s time to pay the electric or heating bill. With a 1.125 R-value, it outperforms both ceramic tile and oak flooring for insulation properties. In fact, wool is the only other product you can put on your floors that provides better insulation than cork.

A major selling point of this floor covering, though, is the fact that it can be refinished several times over its life span. That’s right, when many homeowners are considering a replacement floor for their homes, you can give us a call to refinish yours, bringing it back to a like new finish.