Area rugs:  Five things to think about when buying floor art

Area rugs: Five things to think about when buying floor art

There are many reasons to love scatters rugs, say the experts at the Custom Rug Studio at Bockrath. For one thing, they can add “wow” power; just by the way they dress up a space. Just put one over a hardwood floor, and see what happens!
They also add warmth and texture. All I had to do to dress up a rather bland kitchen was to place two of these little gems strategically around the room. Voila! Instant color and depth!
Maintenance is easy. Just pick it up to either wash or replace it.
To get the most out these gorgeous little gems, think about:
●Size. One of the most common mistakes is to buy a rug, whether custom designed or off-the-rack, that’s too small. When you go into a studio, make sure you have the measurements, as well as the furniture arrangement plan. At the very least, the carpet should fit under the front legs of, say, the sofa. For smaller ones, such as end tables, it should fit under the entire piece.
●Coordination, not necessarily matching. “We hear this one a lot,” say the rug designers at the studio. With today’s open floor plans, it’s not unusual to see one big room that houses both the living and dining spaces; separate and define them with different custom carpets. They don’t have to match, just be sure they look great together!
●Don’t be afraid to be playful. Remember, it is art for your floor, and one of the great things about our studio, is that you can make a custom pattern for your own unique style. Our rug designers are completely up-to-date on the latest trends, and can create any shape, size or design that you want. Just come in with your idea and we’ll do the rest.
●Maintenance. They can last several years if taken care of properly, but our studio has some tips. If it has one, keep the cleaning label; if it’s a custom rug, be sure to ask the designers. If there is a high pile, vacuuming isn’t enough, and it will need some periodic professional cleaning. If it’s a low pile, shake it out from time to time.
●Most of all, have some fun with them!
Need more inspiration? Come into the Bockrath Flooring & Rugs showroom in Dayton, Ohio, to see just what we can do for you.