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Are There Benefits Of Loop And Twist Styles?

Loop, twist, cut, uncut – what does this lingo all mean? When walking into carpet stores in Dayton, Ohio, or researching carpet trends online, you’ll run into these words time and time again. The thing is, if your heart is set on soft surfacing, you’ll need to brush up on these words, as these descriptors clarify what type of fibers you’re dealing with. But don’t worry too much, at Bockrath Flooring & Rugs, our Dayton, Ohio carpet showroom and store pros can easily explain all there is to know about the ins and outs of soft surfacing. To get you started on the right track, here’s some information about tufted loop and twist styles:

A few notes to start…
•Loop fibers aren’t cut in loop designs.
•Loop fibers are cut in pile designs.
•Some styles are called cut-and loop, where only some of the loops are cut. Texture and pattern come from the contrast between cut and uncut loops. Depending upon the design, sometimes the cut loops are dominant in the appearance, other times it’s the uncut loops that define the look.
•When talking about twist designs, yarns are twisted tightly, and the loops are all cut.

The Benefits of Loop Design
When referring to loop styles, a striking design in which the loops of yarn are all uncut, the individual fibers can be manufactured in both even or uneven heights. A uniform surface is created when loop heights are even or level. However, uneven surfaces that are created in varied heights do create visually stunning designs.

If you’re in search of adding texture and a classic design to a space, then loop carpet trends are likely what you need. Able to hide marks left behind by footprints, this practical, durable surfacing option is an excellent selection, when you want something that will maintain its gorgeous appearance for years to come.

The Benefits of Twist Design
Characterized by its tightly twisted loops that are cut, the twist design is one of today’s carpet trends in Dayton, Ohio. While it’s extremely durable, more so than many other alternatives, the twist style is also equally soft, fashionable, and casual. Contrary to loop designs that create a classic, rich vibe, you’d go for the twist if you want your room to appear updated and fresh.

Still not sure which style is right for your home? Then come on down to Bockrath Flooring & Rugs for some professional advice, and to see for yourself what carpet trends are all the rage.