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Wool Carpet: Good for the Environment!

Many people are environmentally-conscious these days, so if you want a carpet that’s free of chemicals, is a natural dirt repellent, and also is a dehumidifier, look no further than wool.

When the climate is humid, this soft and beautiful material actually absorbs about 30 percent of its weight in moisture and, amazingly, never feels damp. Then, even more amazingly, when the air gets dry, it releases the moisture! Bockrath Flooring & Rugs, one of the largest carpet dealers in the Ohio Valley, is proud to have the largest display of wool rugs in Dayton.

It grows on New Zealand sheep which graze freely, making it completely natural and biodegradable. It also gives it a texture different from any other fiber, being much softer and whiter. While there’s no doubt that this carpet costs more, it’s considered by many to be an investment. So that justifies the price.

Other Reasons You Want This Incredible Flooring

●It is non-flammable. While it will leave a mark if a spark hits it, it will not burn or melt. It will just turn black in that spot.
●It has exceptional durability. Wool is a naturally resilient material, and this carpet fiber can last for years with the proper maintenance.
●It is easy to care for. Don’t let the all-white scare you. Because it’s an all-natural material, it has natural oils which, in turn, repel dirt, so regular vacuuming is usually enough to keep this white really white. (NOTE: It does tend to absorb, so be mindful of spills and wipe up stains immediately so they don’t set.)

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