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Which Carpet Stores Keep Up with the Latest Carpet Trends?

You probably have a good idea of exactly what type of floor covering you’re looking for. Even if you have something in mind, however, it’s always good to consider carpet stores in Dayton, Ohio that keep up with the latest carpet trends. Knowing what’s in style, what’s going out of style and what’s on deck for next season, can equip you far better than you may realize. Especially when it comes to variety.

Bockrath Flooring & Rugs has been in business since 1970, with extensive history and experience in the flooring industry. We put that knowledge and expertise to work, serving our customers with the highest quality products and related services. Keeping up with carpet trends is only part of the picture, but it makes such a huge difference in the dedicated service we provide to our loyal customers. To find out how it can make a difference for you, be sure to visit us at our showroom in Dayton, Ohio at your convenience.

Why Bother with Carpet Trends?

When it comes to carpet trends, carpet stores in Dayton, Ohio are trying to keep up with it all. Trends encompass a great deal including changes in fiber, updated technology and manufacturing techniques, as well as brand new colors, piles and so much more.

Some of the carpet trends for 2018, for instance, included carpet colors that blended into one another. This helps to create continuity, and keeps your home from looking “boxy”. On the other hand, the plush carpets that were so popular in the ‘90s went out this year, and there’s no word as to when, or if, they will be making a return.

In Dayton, Ohio, it’s important for carpet stores to keep up with these carpet trends. Our customers expect to find out important information like this when they come in to browse our products, and we deliver. One of the upcoming trends, in fact, for 2019, is including carpet in your entryway. It’s a great way to set the tone for your entire home, and works well at starting your guests experience off with a homey, inviting characteristic.

If you’re interested in the latest carpet trends, and plan on visiting carpet stores in Dayton, Ohio, do consider Bockrath Flooring & Rugs. We’ll help you find not only the hottest trends, but most importantly, the trends that work best for your own unique needs and preferences.