What you should know about your Hardwood Flooring

At Bockrath we understand flooring is an investment in your home. We’re not only here to help you make a stunning selection, but a smart flooring decision based on your taste and lifestyle. Understanding how to care for your hardwood flooring is as important as understanding what type of hardwood is best for your home. Below we cover the basics of what you should know and expect from your hardwood flooring.

Expansion and Contraction
Your hardwood flooring will be moving and grooving… well maybe not to this extreme. Hardwood flooring is a natural product that takes on and releases moisture from the air in your home. Hardwood will expand and contract according to the moisture it absorbs. Controlling humidity levels in your home will help control the dimensional stability of hardwood. Dry conditions can be corrected by installing a furnace-mounted humidifier. In damp conditions proper humidity levels can be controlled with an air conditioner or dehumidifier. Humidity levels should be maintained between 35%-55% throughout the year.

Naturally occurring wood characteristics such as variations in grain, color, mineral streaks, and knots are to be expected and not considered defects. These characteristics only add to the beauty of your hardwoods!

UV Light
Color changes in hardwood flooring occur naturally over time due to wear, and exposure to UV light. Exposure to sunlight will bring about changes in the shading of any hardwood floor as the flooring ages. Controlling the degree of sunlight entering the home with window and door coverings can help slow the changes. Moving furniture and area rugs to allow even exposure can also help. Knowing which rooms and areas of your home get the most direct light will help you to decide how to protect your flooring from it.

Use adequate protector pads on the feet of furniture and appliances to avoid scratches, abrasions, and indentions. Always review the manufacturer’s warranty and cleaning guide for your specific warranties and care instructions.

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