carpet store Dayton

We Think Carpet is a Big Deal

Carpet is the only soft surface floor covering to be found, and it brings with it a lushness that you’ll simply have to feel for yourself to believe. In fact, there’s likely to be nothing quite so pleasing as seeking out carpet stores in Dayton, Ohio, just to be able to experience this luxury first hand. Of course, you can shop online, as so many people do these days. But there’s simply nothing that beats going right into a brick and mortar carpet store to browse the samples for yourself.

Bockrath Flooring & Rugs is one of those carpet stores in Dayton, Ohio that we were talking about. In fact, Dayton is exactly where our showroom is located. We invite you to stop by at your convenience, to experience some of the best carpet browsing in the area. Once you’ve picked a particular carpet you simply can’t leave the store without, you’ll be pleased to know that we offer carpet installation to the Dayton, Ohio area as well. So whether you’re just browsing, or if you’re serious about finding something you’re going to actually leave with, be sure to check us out.

Many carpet stores will leave you wondering, Is this all there is to flooring? Some stores carry a much smaller supply, and have far fewer flooring specialists on desk to assist customers, so it can seem that way sometimes. However, when it comes to carpet stores in Dayton, Ohio, we know that you’re going to be impressed with what we have to offer.

In addition to some of the most beautiful floor coverings available, we also offer the Bockrath Lifetime Installation Guarantee. That means we’re so sure that our flooring professionals can meet each and every one of your expectations, we’re willing to put our money where the flooring is. You’ll never have to worry if we stand by our promises. As a family owned and operated business, our very name depends on doing what we’ve always done, meeting our customer's expectations and needs.

So if you’re ready to get your flooring experience underway, be sure to stop by and see us. We’ll have our flooring professionals standing by to assist you in any way necessary.