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Upcoming renovation? Why not consider wall-to-wall!

If you don’t have any prior experience with a wall-to-wall carpet installation, then you may be hesitant about visiting carpet stores in Dayton, Ohio. And really, it’s no surprise as soft surfacing often gets a bad rap, and it’s completely undeserving of such negative reviews. The truth is, especially nowadays with technologically advanced manufacturing techniques, carpeting is one modern material that’s come such a long way. Bye-bye, orange shag from yesteryear's! It’s time to make way for sleek, contemporary, high-end wall-to-wall.
Well, if you’re still not convinced that wall-to-wall is for you, then take a moment to read through the following reasons why you should consider visiting Bockrath Flooring & Rugs, our showroom and carpet store in Dayton, Ohio:
#1—Is it possible to look sleek, yet be (relatively) cheap?
Compared to many other flooring types out there, the vast majority of wall-to-wall selections are incredibly affordable; dare I say, relatively cheap? Yes, it’s true! In fact, to get a better idea of pricing and choices, it’s best to stop by our showroom so you can see for yourself.
#2—Easy in, easy out.
While most hard surfacing styles take a substantial amount of time to install, you’ll likely be amazed by how quickly installers can lay down new carpet. What’s more, wall-to-wall is also relatively quick to remove, so an installation won’t ever drag on for days or weeks.
#3—A wonderful world of color (and styles, patterns and designs)!
It’s downright impossible to come up with a list of the various color, style, pattern, and design variations, and we’re not even considering the types of loop and cut yet! Look, if you’re really in search of a surfacing option that’s unique in every way, and then end your search here, right now, with wall-to-wall carpet.
#4—It’s okay, you can breathe deep.
Do you have allergies or asthma? Don’t worry! Contrary to old beliefs, soft surfacing actually entraps allergens in its fibers, so you can remove them at a later time via vacuuming or deep steam cleaning. Now, isn’t that fantastic!