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Trending Carpet Colors, Designs, and Patterns

At Bockrath Flooring & Rugs, our Dayton, Ohio showroom experts answer a whole lot of questions about soft surfacing. Mostly, homeowners are in search of patterns, designs, and colors that will work for their specific renovation, but they want to find carpet trends that aren't just a passing craze. Of course, after investing your hard-earned money on a major renovation, the last thing you want is to find out that your new soft surfacing is, in fact, considered passé. So, to help point you in the right direction, we'd like to go over some of the latest carpet trends seen in carpet stores in Dayton, Ohio, to clarify what's hot and what's not.

Skip the Bold, Bright, and Flashy

While you may think that flashy, fire engine red is the hottest thing you've ever seen, we recommend that you skip it entirely. The thing about flashy colors like bright red and orange is, it tends to "burnout" a room all too quickly. Basically, that means that you'll likely tire of the appearance of your room, before the year is up. Instead of opting for such a bold color scheme, consider selecting decor and accent pieces in that tone that you love so much. 

The Whitest White, the Blackest Black

Perhaps, you believe that your humble abode that houses both kids and pets, couldn't possibly stand up to such a pristine color as white. However, it's entirely likely that you may not have considered modern-day technological advances in the manufacturing industry. The truth is, white isn't just for minimalists and modernists. Instead, it's ideal in any setting, regardless of how many feet pitter patter about your home. Thanks to the newest materials that have water-resistant qualities and high-durability, you can actually say yes to an all-white interior. As for black, it's not only easy to maintain, but it's also a classic look that will seamlessly blend into any existing decor. 

Faux Persian Designs

Over the last few decades, Persian designs have gradually made their way into American homes. With its rich color schemes and detailed craftsmanship, it's easy to understand why homeowners have chosen to display a few throughout their residences. However, while Persians designs are still incredibly eye-catching, the faux Persian creations that have infiltrated the market leave a lot to be desired. Be very wary of purchasing these surfacing choices, if you're in search of a classical element to add to your home furniture. Only visit carpet stores in Dayton, Ohio, for any of your surfacing needs.