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Tips to decorate your home with custom rugs

Looking to add a splash of flair to your home without having to commit to pricey new flooring? With one visit to our custom rug studio in Dayton, Ohio, you’ll quickly understand why Bockrath Flooring & Rugs is truly a homeowner’s decor paradise. Each one of our custom rug studio pieces is unique, with a story to tell, and an enchanting image to display. Add a bold vibrancy or hint of refinement with a showpiece from our custom rug studio, an anchoring element that can turn a room completely around. Check out the following tips to decorate your home today!

Define a space
When you feel a space needs defining, consider using a piece from a custom rug studio. For instance, if you live in an open-concept layout, use a carpet to clearly define the living room, thus separating it visually from the dining area.

Add art to a wall
Have you ever seen a carpet so beautifully made that it should be hanging on a wall like a piece of art? Well, then, go ahead and display it like the art that it is!

Redo a room
Do you have a room that desperately needs a makeover? There’s no need to drop a load of money on it, when you can just visit a custom rug studio for a showpiece that will completely change the appeal of your space.

Draw makeover ideas from colors
When you select a unique area carpet, you can draw on the favorite colors from it for your room makeover. Match it with a fresh coat of paint, or some décor with similar color accents.

Harmonize a space
You can also draw a room together with the perfect rug, one that compliments the items already in the space. Essentially, instead of choosing a carpet to draw on colors for a makeover, you’re selecting one that ties everything in the room together.

Add a showstopping piece
If you’re in search of something that will create a significant impact in a room, what essentially amounts to a show stopping piece, then opt for a carpet that’s truly one-of-a-kind. Draw the attention of the eye onto the rug further, by choosing a shade for your walls that perfectly matches your new rug.