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The Unexpected Benefits of a New Carpet Installation

For the most part, people don't tend to think much about the ways little things we take for granted can have major impacts on our lives. Floors are an excellent example of this phenomenon. We don't think much about them, because they are always there and, generally, do what they're supposed to. However, experiments over the years have shown that our flooring does more than just hold us up; it can actually affect our quality of life in other ways, especially carpet.
So, what makes carpet so different? Here are a few surprising facts about new carpet installations that will make you see them in a whole new light.
Carpet Can Save You Money
One of the things few people realize about carpet installations is their ability to insulate the home. Carpeting and carpet padding act as excellent thermal insulators that help to keep your home cooler in the Summer, and warmer in the Winter. This adds up to a pretty sizable energy savings, especially when every little bit counts!
It Can Improve Your Health
Many people suffer from respiratory ailments such as asthma and allergies, and don't even realize that the type of flooring they have in their home, might have an impact on those problems. By changing to a new carpet installation from a hard-surface floor, you are taking steps to trap airborne pollutants safely until they can be properly removed through cleaning. The steps could mean the difference between a Summer of miserable allergies, and a carefree Summer of easy breathing.
It Can Improve Your Mood
Countless studies have shown that the colors around us have a subtle impact on our emotional states. Many advertisers rely upon colors ability to affect our mood, and have spent a good deal of money to find out how. You can put this knowledge to work in your life by employing colors that are conducive to relaxation in rooms where you like to unwind, and employing bolder, more motivating colors in rooms like your office or art studio for an extra boost.
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