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The Advantages of Wool Carpeting

While there are several options to choose from when browsing a soft surfacing, each and every one of those materials have their own list of advantages. Mostly, it all comes down to what style you prefer, where it will be installed, the amount of foot traffic it will see, and what budget you may need to adhere to.

Today, our Bockrath Flooring & Rugs carpet stores in Dayton, Ohio showroom experts, would like to showcase the many benefits of opting for wool fibers. Read through it to get a sense of whether or not wool would work in your home.

When properly maintained, this all-natural material that is made from sheep hair is highly resilient. Able to last for generations, one great aspect of this surfacing is its inherent elasticity, which allows its fibers to resist being crushed. With this ability to spring back into its original shape, wool makes for an ideal fit in areas of the house that see a lot of foot traffic.

Another inherent quality to wool is its flame-resistance, making it the top choice for safety. Public facilities like schools, airports, and hotels, predominantly select wool surfacing because of this fantastic element.

Color Retention
Even after years of deep cleaning, vacuuming, and wear and tear, wool sustains its natural color. That’s mainly due to its molecular structure, a protein-based chemical makeup, locking in dye deep within the wool strands. As such, this soft surfacing is available in a wide range of colors, designs, and patterns.

As a very effective insulator, wool helps reduce the costs of heating and energy bills. And, while it keeps you nice and cozy in colder climates, it also has the ability to keep you dry, cool, and comfortable in warmer regions.

Water-based stains aren’t an issue with wool fibers, because of its natural coating that’s virtually impervious to water-based stains. With an overlapping structure that looks like the shingles on a roof, wool naturally helps repel liquids and dirt, by protecting the inner part of the fiber. As a result, it gives you more time to clean up messes!

Still curious about wool? Then come on by our carpet stores in Dayton, Ohio and check out our vast selection of wool carpet.