hardwood flooring installation

Sparkle, shine and stand out with hardwood flooring

There’s a good reason why hardwood is such a popular flooring: It adds style, warmth and elegance to any atmosphere, is easy to take care of, and will last for decades, sometimes as much as 100 years, with only an occasionally needed refinishing.

When something is so popular, though, a lot of people clamor for it, so how do you customize it to be uniquely you?

Here are some suggestions from a top flooring store in the Ohio Valley:

●Get professional refinishing. Refinishing isn’t just about repairing hardwood flooring, but you can use it to change the color. For example, I went from a dark floor to a blond one, and it gave the entire room a sunny, open, airy atmosphere, all without me even having to change any furniture!

It also made the room look a little bigger.

●Use colorful area rugs. A few rugs here and there will add a pop of color to hardwood. They can also be functional when placed strategically near entryways, or high traffic areas, to protect the flooring. When you get tired of that look, just replace them. NOTE: This would be a good time to visit the Bockrath Rug Studio to learn about getting some individually-tailored rugs.

●Look at the undertones. The great thing about hardwood is that this flooring has gorgeous undertones, which are secondary colors. For instance, a mahogany floor might have some red, brown or orange tones, while a gray floor might have a little slate blue.

Designers always say “design from the floor up!” That means to install the floor first, and then choose your wall colors, upholstery, accessories around it.

●Become your own creative director. You’d be amazed at what can be done, so make a few drawings of your visions, such as patterns with triangles or circles, and show them to your floor expert.

We bet he or she will say, “Yes, we can do that” (or at least something similar).

●Show off those raised grains, quirky knots and unique patterns. Wide planks are the answer here, because they’re big enough to let it all be seen.

For more inspiration, feel free to come into the Bockrath Flooring & Rugs showroom in Dayton, Ohio.