Our last post discussed trends in hard surface flooring and the increased need for area rugs, as well as how to select the perfect rug for your living room. In this week’s post we will discuss how to select the right size for the bed room and dining room.

Bedroom Rugs
Some of the same rules apply here as they will in any room you are selecting a rug for, but here are a few bedroom rug buying tips:

  • Begin your rug after your bedside tables, not under them
  • Imagine framing your bed
  • Have between 24”-36” of rug exposed around all sides of the bed
Dining Room Rugs
Many people have very different types of “dining” spaces. Some have more formal dining rooms and some have very open floor plans that have the dining area and kitchen open to each other. A rug is an excellent opportunity to define these spaces. Take a look at the shape and scale of your dining room table, is it a rectangle, round or square? It can look nice to continue with that same shape for your rug. The number one tip for dining room rugs is how much room you’ll need all the way around the table. You need enough space to sit in the chair without having some legs on the rug and some off, that is typically 20”-24” .

Round rug under round table

Defining areas in an open space

So as you begin your search and follow all the steps come see our Custom Rug Studio and how we can help you make sure you can achieve any size you need.

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