Our Binding & Serging Work Room is Finally Here!

Have you ever fallen in love with a carpet pattern and realized that it isn’t available as a rug?
Or maybe you had to make due with a rug that was a bit too big or too small for a space, only because the pattern you loved came in factory selected sizes?
If you are not finding a rug that suites your color palate, room size, or room decor…you’ve come to the right place.

Thanks to a process called Binding & Serging our skilled staff can now create a custom made rug from any of our 1000 samples of  broadloom carpet right here at Bockraths!

Our sales staff will work with you on finding the color and size you want your new rug to be made into, give us the dimensions you need, and our skilled artisan Gina will craft your beautiful custom rug with the edging of your choice right in our in-house workroom. And since we take care of the entire process in house, we generally have a quicker turnaround, and we can keep the cost within your budget.

Erin and I are so proud to offer this services to our customers. The ability to work with Gina an artisan with over 27 years experience and being able to “see” your very own custom rug being crafted steps away from our showroom is a true service, unmatched by any other company.

We hope you visit us today and see the difference Bockraths can make for your room


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