custom area rugs

Hardwood flooring plus an area rug: Wow!

No doubt about it: Hardwood makes a beautiful flooring, adding warmth and richness to a room. It’s also versatile, working well with any decorative atmosphere.
Sometimes, however, you want to reduce noise, cover up a scratch, or just add a decorative touch to give the room extra za-za-zoom.
Why can’t you have both types of flooring? Go with hardwood, but add an area rug or two, whether for decorative or functional purposes.
At Bockrath one of the largest flooring stores in the Ohio Valley, we hear a lot about trends and this, by far, is one of the most popular.
You can make an even bigger design statement by:
●Looking for the color undertones in the flooring; for example, dark hardwood can have a red, orange, brown or cream tint, and then choose rug colors that will compliment and bring out those hues.
Don’t forget: We can customize rugs in any shape or size. Just bring us a drawing of your dream, then have decorating fun!
●Cutting down on noise. While some people don’t hear anything with hardwood, others can be quick to detect the constant scraping of chairs and table, especially when the flooring is in a dining room. If you’re one of the sensitive ones, the solution’s easy: Just place a colorful area rug under the table.
●Creating a room divide. These days, a lot of homes have open layouts with the living and dining rooms together in one area. Install hardwood, but break up the space with a rug or two.
Benefits of wood floors
1.They last forever; in fact, sometimes they look even better with age. If they start to look worn and scratched, usually all that’s needed is a refinishing to bring them back to their original glory.
2.They are easy to care for. Just sweep or vacuum (but be sure to remove those beater bars, rotating brushes, first, because they can scratch.) Water is the enemy of hardwood, so always use a damp, not wet, mop on the flooring with a manufacturer-approved soap.
●Hardwood is durable. Like anything, though, you need to take care of it. Try not to wear high heels when walking on the floor; use little rubber pads on chair and table feet; avoid excess water; wipe spills immediately, place mats near entrances, and if you have a pet, keep the nails trimmed.
Need more inspiration? Come into the Bockrath Flooring & Rugs showroom in Dayton, Ohio.