Expressing your style with Bockrath’s Custom Studio Rug

Ever walk into someone’s home, look at their rug and wonder where they got such a special one? “Gee, it’s so unusual, I never saw anything like that,” you say, adding that you wish you could find something like that.

You CAN find it, if you go to Bockrath in Dayton, because we have a separate studio just for you to design your rug. They’ll create anything your heart desires, be it a pattern, shape or size--so you can custom--all while you watch.

In fact, you can watch it here on video:

It’s often said in design that the floor is one’s expression of personal style and, despite some debate, carpeting--whether wall-to-wall or area--will always going to be a preferred choice in flooring. They’re constantly updated with new color palettes, patterns and technologies.

Have a custom idea for a rug that needs to come to fruition? Or maybe you just need to repair or update a family heirloom? Bring it to Bockrath’s studio and they’ll create any pattern, size or shape that you desire.
Some trends are….

At Bockrath, it’s all about rugs. It’s all about design, so we keep our ears to the ground to see what trending so our studio can best advise you on how to custom yours.

You might want to pay attention to these:

Buh-bye fringe! Well, sort of. What’s passé ́are those thin little threads that used to drive us crazy because they were always tangling and getting caught in the vacuum--placed at each end of a soft surface.

What IS popular is a tassel, placed with a little more space between them. Got some tassel design ideas?

Ikat is a dying technique used to pattern fabric. You might recognize the “blurriness” feature that you’ll often see in designs by Indonesian hand-weavers. Do you have an ikat idea?

BOHO beauty: This stands for “Bohemian,” and it’s coming into your home. Rustic and “organic” looks are popular. BOHO characteristics are warm, earth tones, worn looks and even some seemingly odd pairings--like vibrant reds or blues over a more subtle earthy rug.

How do you define BOHO?

For more inspiration come into Bockrath Flooring & Rugs in Dayton, Ohio. Oh, and don’t let this post fool you because we also carry--and are just as knowledgeable about--hardwood, luxury vinyl, Waterproof (WPC) and vinyl!