Dare to Repair?

We love designing and making new custom rugs in Bockraths Custom Rug Studio but that doesnt mean we neglect the sentimental rugs our customers already own. In the photo above Gina, one of our rug artisans, is customizing this Oriental rug for the second time for a loyal customer.

This rug started as a large traditional Oriental rug that became a family heirloom over time, being passed down from the previous generation. Since the rug was too large for our customers space Gina was able to remove the boarder, trim the middle section, then match the pattern back together. By doing all this our customer went from one large rug to a hall runner and smaller area rug. Now years later the customer is moving again and the rug needs to be customized for her new home. Gina has a new plan of attack, she will now create a larger area rug with the previous boarder once again. Looking at the rug you could never see where Gina’s seams and cuts are made. She is a master at pattern matching and tailoring these rugs. While the rug is in the studio for customization Gina will also do typical maintenance, repairing worn areas and serging broken edges. She is always sure to take special care of these family rugs and our Custom Rug Studio customers!

Bockrath will take in your existing area rugs for maintenance and customizations. Gina is happy to talk with you about how you can customize your existing rug for your home.

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