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Carpet adds a lot of beauty to your home. It can also be more than a little overwhelming, what with all the color, style, fiber and design choices.

There are some things you must do before beginning to shop at any carpet stores to get the right choice for your Dayton, Ohio-area home.

Here’s are shopping tips from Bockrath Flooring & Rugs, one of the largest carpet stores, not only in Dayton, but also in the Ohio Valley:

1.Carefully examine your lifestyle before you shop. What size is your family? Are there kids or pets? Do you entertain? What are your concerns and questions? What is your budget?

2.What style is your home and, more important, what kind of floor plan do you have? We ask this question because of transitions. For example, if your living room opens to the dining room, you want to be sure it doesn’t disrupt and startle the design.

3.When looking at carpet stores in Dayton itself or Kettering, Miamisburg, Fairborn or Beavercreek, Ohio (or elsewhere), be sure they have a full inventory, not just of product, but also of services.

For example, Bockrath’s inventory includes carpet as well as hardwood, luxury vinyl, waterproof flooring, vinyl sheet and area rugs. Services offered include installation, cleaning, repair, binding, serging and resizing.

4.Be prepared. Of course, installation is not a DIY job, but you will need to remove breakable items, curtains, wall hangings, etc., as well as cleaning the floor and disconnecting electronics.

5.Look at the finished installation, preferably before the installer leaves, and then be sure it’s rectified. Are the seams smooth, or are there frayed edges? Do you see buckling and wrinkling? Are there loose edges on stairs?

Ask your flooring expert these questions upfront:

•Who will remove furniture and, if necessary, the sub-floor?

•How long will the entire procedure take? Not just the installation itself, but knowing when you can move the furniture back in.

•What temperature should the room be?

•How many carpet installations has the installer done? Carpet stores, whether they’re in Dayton, Ohio or Chicago, Los Angeles or anywhere else, should be able to tell you specifically about carpet installations, not just the number of flooring installations. Each type requires different skills and tools, so if it’s a vague answer, you might get someone who’s installed a lot of one or two types, but little or no carpet.

Come into the Bockrath Flooring & Rugs showroom in Dayton, Ohio and we’ll tell you more--and be sure to visit our Rug Studio!