area rugs

Your canvas, the floor; your art, the rug

When many think of carpet they automatically go to wall-to-wall, but an area rug, especially a custom one, can be your own expression of style, so come into our studio at Bockrath Flooring & Rugs.

As we all know, in a perfect world every room would be a square, but they’re often odd-shaped, with protrusions like moldings and baseboards. We create custom rugs in our studio, so you can find something that works anywhere.

Here are some suggestions for making your floor the ultimate interior design piece:

●Consider room balance, but don’t worry too much about the “right” size. If anything, people tend to go too small, and you might even want to go a little larger to create a point of interest, but the old “front legs on, back legs off” rule just doesn’t apply anymore.

●Don’t get too hung up on matching colors. Mother Nature doesn’t worry about perfect matching in her creations, so why wouldn’t you want to add some character to your creation?

The important thing is that they’re coordinated, so mix up those shades and combine those colors! In fact, have a little fun by creating your own custom design; take different rug tiles, bring them into our studio to let them sew and bind--and voila!

●It may only be one room, but you don’t have to stick with only one soft surface.

In fact, with today’s loft-like and open layouts, it’s not unusual to have both the seating and dining areas in one space. Use a different mat, in a various shapes and sizes, to not only visually separate the areas, but to create your own unique, custom look. And just think: One of them might just be a family favorite that you think is too worn out, or the wrong size to use, but bring it into our studio and we’ll bring it back to life.

●Add touches of color. Actually, there is a good use for a tiny one; strategically place one or two to add different hues and textures.

Need more inspiration? Come into the Bockrath Flooring & Rug showroom to see what we can do at our custom rug studio for you. We’re in Dayton, Ohio.