You walk into a carpet store and absolutely fall in love with an area rug, it is an easy decision you decide to purchase it. The problem is it only comes in set sizes you must choose from an 8x10 or a 5x7. You are disappointed, however, your heart is set on that particular patterned rug, so you choose the 8x10. You love your new rug, but you are never 100% satisfied with it because it is not exactly what you wanted.

This is a scenario that takes place daily in rug stores all across America. This is not the case at Bockrath Flooring and Rugs inside of our Rug Studio you will not have to walk away with a rug that is not absolutely perfect for you. We can create any size, any shape, or any style rug to fit your space. Have you always wanted a circular rug for your office space?  How about a rug with your favorite sports team logo made into it? Or a border placed around your existing rug? Then a trip to our Rug Studio is exactly what you need.

Now we know what your thinking "That sounds great, but I already purchased a rug from somewhere else that I am not in love with." No problem we accept rugs from anywhere. Did your dog chew on the corner of your rug? Is the binding starting to come undone on your family heirloom? Have you decided your current rug is too big for your space and want it cut down? We would love to help make your existing area rug beautiful again.

The best part? Everything is done at our store in Centerville Ohio. We do not ship rugs off for repair or changes. We take pride in keeping all of our business local. From our sales consultants to our rug artisans we can not wait to design the rug of your dreams.