Remodeling your home is an exciting time but it can also be equally as stressful. What color should you paint the walls? Should the kitchen sink be white or black? Should we put down carpet or hard surface? At Bockrath Flooring and Rugs we aim to make your home remodel as stress free as possible. While we may not be qualified to make a decision on what color your kitchen sink should be, we are happy to help make your flooring debate a stress-free process.

There is no right or wrong answer to this age-old debate. It is simply a personal preference for what best fits your needs. Maybe you have a young child in your home that is likely to fall and bump their head, so you feel that carpet is a safer option. Or you have several dogs in your home and you fear they may easily damage carpet if it were in your home; you are certain that hard surface is the best option for your household.

When choosing flooring for your home our sale associates at Bockrath Flooring and Rugs main goal is to help you find the flooring that best fits your needs. Now what if after you stop by our showroom you still can not decide between carpet or hard surface? No problem, you can do both. Over 80% of people who put hard surface down in their home eventually put an area rug down to protect. Turns out it is possible to have the best of both worlds and at Bockrath Flooring and Rugs you can get the hard surface and area rug of your dreams in one convenient location.