hardwood flooring

Add more brightness to a room with light-colored hardwood flooring

It’s quite amazing how much of a difference hardwood flooring can play a role in brightening up a room. With a light-colored species of wood, spaces become lighter, less gloomy. If one of the rooms of your home makes you depressed every time you walk into it, maybe it’s time for a new renovation project!
Choose a light-colored species
First things first, you’ll need to choose a light-colored species for your renovation, if you’re in search of a serious makeover. Of course, we’ll be more than happy to point you in the right direction at Bockrath Flooring & Rugs, where our Dayton, Ohio professionals have decades of experience with all kinds of surfacing materials. From maple to white oak, birch to bamboo, our vast selection of hardwood flooring will no doubt leave you wondering which one to choose!
Consider the direction of the planks
Did you know that the direction of the planks plays a huge role in how a space feels? Visually, it can make you believe a room is wider or bigger than it actually is. The rule is, always install the hardwood flooring in a diagonal fashion, to create the impression of greater size. When the widest section of slats is facing you upon entry into the room, it tricks your eyes into thinking the area is bigger than it really is.
Change curtains, add more light fixtures
Aside from altering the floors in an area, you can also change the curtains, and add more lights fixtures, to increase brightness. Opt for airier, more transparent curtains to allow more natural light to filter in to the room. Light fixtures, on the other hand, add more light sources, and thus, more light of course. In smaller spaces with limited room, you can install simple ceiling fixtures by way of pods, keeping that part of the space less heavy. 

Standing lamps in the corners are also a great alternative, as they’re out of the way, and you don’t need a table to sit it on like a lamp.